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Leading Thai software company DataOne Asia launches ArgoERP in Thailand

DataOne Asia, a leading IT distributor under SVOA Group in Thailand, has provided services for over 20 years. Besides providing maintenance services for banks, insurance companies and governmental institutions, DataOne Asia is certified with ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems. In 2016, DataOne Asia cooperated with Ares International Corp. and implemented ArgoERP, which is widely used in China and Taiwan, expecting to become a precedent for introducing Taiwan’s software to Thailand. ArgoERP can respond to global mobile living trends, new e-ARGO cloud function combines ArgoPortal and ArgoAPP, provide enterprise users a more flexible, diverse, convenient work styles and utilize company’s resources to obtain business opportunities anytime, anywhere…

  • Professional Counseling
  • e-Argo provides flexible, diverse, and convenient work styles
  • Easy multicurrency conversion and transnational management
  • Rapid production of various financial statements to save settlement costs
  • Fast and effective source tracking by vendor management
  • Heterogeneous collaborative integration of logistics, financial, information flow