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Product Spirit

To enhance operation synergies in this fiercely competitive age, enterprises have to quickly control each part of the work distribution and collect numerous information as well as knowledge, as expansion and progress go on over time. ArgoERP is the key piece of the puzzle in making electronic operations happen in your organization.

"Argo" is a Greek ship to retrieve the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, which is also Ares’s own ERP product name. "not just ERP ... more than you can imagine" portrays ArgoERP’s product spirit; " Elasticity "is the most significant feature of ArgoERP ...

No matter what industry and stage of business growth the enterprise is at, the organization needs computerized-systems. ArgoERP is the right choice for you, and can be customized according to demands. It is the most conformed characteristic that meets national business ecology and industry needs, as well as demands of international competitive environment of enterprise resource planning system.

Product Advantages

Ares has internet, databases , entrepreneur management and many other professional system integration experiences, combine with ArgoERP perfectly to form a professional team. Business is a battlefield, ArgoERP acts as the mythic warrior to acquire the Golden Fleece of the competitive business opportunities, representing the indispensable key piece of the puzzle, and continue to assist customers to extend business reach.

  • Cloud platform

    to use data anytime and anywhere

  • Mobile messenger

    for easy communication

  • Nine accounting-cycle structures

    for internal audit and control

  • Group structure

    for transparent global operations

  • Multi-dimension analysis

    for diversification management strategy

  • Embedded approval forms

    for better electronic operations

  • Heterogeneous system

    integrating logistics, finance, and information flows

  • Flexible settings

    for the needs from different industries

  • Diverse cost evaluations

    for different cost calculations

  • Alert service

    for prevention management

  • Open platform

    to lower establishment costs

  • Information security

    for comprehensive and strict protection

  1. 1. Alert Service

    Preventive measures

  2. 2. Built-in Workflow Engine

    Internal audit and control for detail records of each workflow

  3. 3. Extension and Flexibility

    Change operation practices and information contents freely

  4. 4. Developed on Oracle

    IT Learning / Maintenance / Effective Management

Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages
  1. 1. Highly-flexible system, Low Customization Rate

    Easy project cost management

  2. 2. Continuous Growths & Updates

    Benefits increase with team’s growth

  3. 3. Developed on Web Enable Structures

    Satisfy enterprise’s needs for transregional growth

  4. 4. Established on D2K Development

    Fast and easy database integrations