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ArgoERP Structure

ArgoERP Structure

Core Applications

To manage all the information in the ERP system, complete basic information, smooth cash flow records, and control tools are indispensable. ArgoERP’s basic core system is the best start to tailor make the most suitable e-business processes for your business team.

  • Document Approval Management Module

  • Centralized Multi-company Management Module

  • Financial Management System

  • Procurement / Sales / Inventory Management System

  • Production Management System

  • Project Cost Management System

  • Budget Management System

  • Basic Management Module


Extension Applications

To meet the requirements and goals in different stages of the enterprise, ArgoERP provides the most extensible and flexible applications with which enterprises can build in batches for their needs to better the product operation management.

These applications include ArgoHR (Human Resource), ArgoTX (Tax), ArgoGIB (Goods in Bond), ArgoRMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), ArgoSFC (Shop Floor Control), ArgoSQM (Supplier Quality Management), and ArgoIFRS Management.

  • ArgoHR

    Human Resource

  • ArgoTX


  • ArgoGIB

    Goods in Bond

  • ArgoRMA

    Return Merchandise Authorization

  • ArgoSFC

    Shop Floor Control

  • ArgoSQM

    Supplier Quality Management

  • ArgoIFRS

Cloud Applications

Responding to the rise of mobile commerce trends, e-business should not only include enterprise portal, but App to synchronize all team members. Whether supervisor or staff, through the system authorization and authentications management, e-Argo can easily connect Argo Portal and Argo App, bringing more flexible, diverse, and convenient ways of working to obtain business opportunities.

  • Portal

  • APP