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Document Approval Management Module

How to make document approval and operation processes more timely with ERP for internal control and articulation? Making good use of embedded e-approval functions of ArgoERP with flexible approval process allow documents to be filed during upload. Real-time online notifications and email alerts improve management efficiency.

  • Various conditional settings for different document approval processes
  • Sales receipts
  • Procurement receipts
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Warehouse requisitions
  • Goods receipts for production orders

Centralized Multi-company Management Module

In the fiercely-changing business environment, more enterprises established subsidiaries to expand their product categories, thus adding group asset and wealth management categories. How could headquarters flexibly arrange multi-company authorities, while collecting and controlling the operating performance of each subsidiary? ArgoERP is the best tool to complete information deliveries and compilations.

  • Global management
  • Group management
  • Multi-company management

ArgoERP Financial Management System

For smooth operation and audit process, company financial statements should contain detailed transaction information from manufacturing to merchandising. Since business operations are globalizing and financial management is more complicated with multi-currency transactions, relying on system for management is a must for effective enterprise cash flow control.

  • General Ledger Management Module
  • Accounts Receivable Management Module
  • Accounts Payable Management Module
  • Financial Bill Management Module
  • Invoice Management Module
  • Fixed Asset Management Module
  • Group Financial Report Management Module

ArgoERP Procurement / Sales / Inventory Management System

The status of goods from purchasing and receiving to storage, shipping and sales should be strictly monitored. The shortage of inventory might cause works to be held up for lack of materials while overstocks might result in turnover crisis of capital tied-up. Therefore, good control of real-time inventory situation would be more advantageous for business decision.

  • Inventory Management module
  • Import Fee Management Module
  • Procurement Management Module
  • Sales Management Module
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Management Module
  • Multilateral Trade Management Module

ArgoERP Production Management System

How to best schedule complicated production and procurement plans for the coordination of production and marketing? To efficiently launch high-quality products, materiel preparation and batch process control have to be taken thoroughly beforehand. By making good use of ArgoERP, companies can easily and fully control material preparations, production processes, and costs. Besides, with material requirement planning (MRP) and dynamic database, companies can cope with various production status to enhance competitiveness.

  • MRP
  • Material preparation / manufacturing / outsourcing production management
  • Production order
  • Cost management module: Activity-Based Costing (ABC), weighted moving average costs, monthly weighted average costs, and standard costs
  • Quality management module

ArgoERP Project Cost Management System

Enterprises tend to run diverse businesses including production, recruitment services, and contract services so the multi-dimension evaluation of profit and loss is essential. ArgoERP is the system to help manage work schedules and provide multi-dimension operation information with complete integration of financial systems. By using project cost evaluation for revenue recognition and expense attribution, cost management would be more effective.

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Project progress updates
  • Project meeting minutes archives
  • Project budget planning and management
  • Project expense collection and control
  • Project cost evaluation: percentage-of-completion method, cost-recovery method

ArgoERP Budget Management System

Would project budgets be hard to calculate? ArgoERP can help fast connect sales revenues with purchasing costs, sales, expense reimbursements, inbound and outbound deliveries, as well as asset depreciation to compare costs with profit-and-loss analysis for adjustments.

Basic Management Module

A comprehensive management interface is necessary to well and conveniently utilize the large amount of information in systems. As a result, users can not only input information in the simplest way but conveniently and fast collect that with import function.

  • Enterprise basic information management
  • User management
  • Interface management
  • Information import management
  • Process menu management