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ArgoGIB Contract Settlement Management System

Ensuring the actual quantity of bonded goods inventoried by a bonded factory is consistent with the booked balance-in-stock is the most important for proceeding trade industry to control contract settlement by paper or electronic account books. To allow enterprises having established bonded factories to timely provide Customs sufficient management information, ArgoGIB (Goods in Bond) Contract Settlement Management System assists Taiwan enterprises to prepare bonding-related books and ledgers for raw materials, finished products, settlements, and conversions. With ArgoGIB and Customs declaration management process, overall proceeding time and import/export charges can be largely reduced and a loss from supplementary payments within the inventory discrepancy can be exempted to save company expenses.

Product Features

  • Regulate Customs Declaration management process to enhance efficiency for import/ export business

    Once imports/ exports arrive at harbors, stations, or airports, importers/ exporters should provide Customs all receipts, certificates and forms. After the documents are examined by Customs and relevant payments are made, Customs clearance is completed. With ArgoGIB, complicated Customs declaration process is thoroughly monitored and workload on the operation is reduced to enhance the efficiency of import/ export declaration.

  • Accelerate Customs settlements to reduce invisible costs of Customs declaration

    To cope with the situation that Customs always irregularly and randomly examine in factories, ArgoGIB provides the functions of real-time enquiry about quantity of bonded goods, the booked balance-in-stock, account book/sub account book management, and supplementary payment calculations. With such detailed information, the operation of Customs declaration will be smoother to effectively shorten the Customs declaration schedule.

  • Decrease company inventory to speed working capital turnover

    By using account book management, the multi-versions of BOMs will be fast collected while the actual quantity in account books can be connected and compared with ERP system. Therefore, the quantity discrepancy of inventory is timely controlled to have import/export transport costs precisely forecasted, which makes working capital be utilized more effectively.

ArgoGIB Contract Settlement Management System

  • Basic Information Management Module
  • Material Number Management Module
  • Account Book Management Module
  • Import Management Module
  • Export Management Module
  • Discard Management Module
  • Settlement Management Module
  • Interface Management Module