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ArgoHR Human Resource Management

Staff is the most important asset and energy for companies to move forward. Would companies not like to ignore the relevant things such as recruitments, appointments, attendances, insurances, salaries, pensions, income taxes, and other benefits? Relying on ArgoHR, including ArgoHRM (Human Resource Management) and ArgoHRD (Human Resource Development), makes human resource management more convenient!

Product Features

  • Convenient for cross-country and cross-group management

    Have you experienced losing your train of thoughts when switching between different systems to manage staff information and salary/reward conditions from different groups and locations? ArgoHR is the best solution to offer multi-group/ multi-organization/ multi-currency/ multi-language functions and make human resource management more convenient amid fast-growing operational trend of the enterprise.

  • Comprehensive from recruitment to retirement management

    The relevant aspects of employee work lifecycle such as appointments, insurances, retirement planning, salaries, attendances, and pensions are highly related to enterprises. Additionally, the number of staff members would constantly change with enterprise growth; thus, ArgoERP is the right electronic operation tool to help manage teams more easily and effectively.

  • Flexible parameter settings for complicated attendance rules

    The attendance rules of offices and factories are always different with their members’different roles and positions. Using ArgoHR with its flexible parameter settings allow comparison of employee time records with schedules to simplify complicated attendance rules whether it is day shifts, 4-day shifts or three shifts, as well as 42-hour day shift or regular day shift.

  • Comprehensive analysis reports for business operations

    In the keenly competitive business environment, companies should realize their own professional and competitive advantages before adjusting their operational directions and organizational structures in time. AgroHR offers reports of comprehensive analysis for personnel profiles and departmental salary structure analysis, spreadsheets of retirement pensions and severance payments, as well as costs and results of trainings. Management-level teams could precisely know your teams anytime to adjust organizational strategies and planning.

  • Automatic scheduling and batch processing to reduce burdens

    Human resource management is filled with office routines. Numerous tiny works of personnel administration seem to be simple but should take much time for completion. With ArgoHR, an automatic batch processing system, companies could focus human resource jobs on manpower development.

  • Encryption for payroll summaries to protect important information

    Payroll summaries should not rely on the use of paper when electronic operations have been proceeded. However, payrolls are private information for employees; therefore, it should be strictly protected. Amid endless threats of information insecurity, ArgoHR helps encrypt your payroll summaries to safely deliver such important information.

Argo HRM (Human Resource Management)

  • Human Resource Management Module
  • Attendance Management Module
  • Insurance Management Module (according to local regulations)
  • Salary Management Module (including electronic payroll)
  • Income Tax Management Module
  • Benefit Management Module
  • Leave / overtime Online Application and Approval Management Module
  • Personal Information Self-Service Enquiry Management Module

Argo HRD (Human Resource Development)

  • Social Insurance Management Module (according to local regulations)
  • Group Insurance Management Module
  • Performance Evaluation Management Module
  • Employee Training Management Module