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ArgoRMA Product Warranty Service Management System

Offering maintenance services to products within warranty periods does not only demonstrate the responsibility of enterprises for their customers but serves to enhance brand values as well as commit themselves to product qualities. However, the maintenance management of product covered by warranty does not only include receiving orders, completing maintenance, and providing maintenance receipts for customers. Each maintenance records should be properly kept as the accumulated experiences in manufacturing, the reference for the product development, and the similar product manufacturing or material usage next time. AgroRMA (Argo Return Merchandise Authorization) Product Warranty Service Management System is the best assistant to help grab the devils in the details.

Product Features

  • Complete articulation for product maintenance process to manage maintenance status anytime

    The products sent by customers and the records of electronic run cards allow customer service staff to easily know product status in the process. Using ArgoRMA to constantly track product maintenance status and material inventory records, maintenance-related staff can shorten 95% of time in enquiry and customers will be more confident of sending their products to maintenance stations.

  • Perform statistical analysis for maintenance information to effectively improve manufacturing quality

    Through ArgoRMA system, each maintenance information is recorded in detail, and various types of statistical reports are generated. Thus, the time in data analysis will be reduced as well as the causes of defective products be known well, which can be taken as the important reference for the follow-up product development, material selection, and processing management to effectively improve product yield.

  • Electronic maintenance scheduling to take time-saving and labor-saving control

    Logistics staff always take much time in generating detailed information from receiving materials, registering, and delivering products to packaging. With ArgoRMA, warehouse staff members can weekly save more than 50% of time and daily/weekly/monthly checklists be automatically prepared to averagely reduce over two working days per week. Meanwhile, the production efficacy of maintenance can upgrade!

ArgoRMA Product Warranty Service Management System

  • Maintenance Order Management Module
  • Returned Inventory Inward/ Outward Transfer Management Module
  • Warehouse Receiving / Delivery Management Module
  • Returned Merchandise Packaging Management Module
  • Returned Merchandise Shipping Management Module
  • Returned Merchandise Information Enquiry / Report Generation/ Basic Information Setting Management Module